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Melbourne based manufacturing company servicing plumbers, councils, land developers and more.

About Covertite Access Covers and Grates

Covertite is an Australian-owned provider of access covers and frames, specialising in highest quality covers for a variety of purposes. A family-owned business based in Melbourne’s west established in 2006, Covertite takes pride in being a premium supplier of access covers and grates, made to suit the specific requirements of plumbers, electricians and a range of other trades and fields. 

Whether you are looking for a standard access cover, a gatic cover, grate or frame, a concrete pit cover, a stormwater grate or pit cover, a sewer grate cover or gatic lid, we will be able to meet your requirements.  

All access covers and grates manufactured by Covertite are designated by classes A, B, C, D, E, F, and G according to load capacity set out by the Australian Standards AS1996:2006.

All of our products are constructed to meet and exceed strict Australian standards. For example, our access Covers and Galvanised Grates are produced, tested and conform with the AS1996:2006 certified by Certification Solutions International. Along with all our access cover products, this accords with our mission statement, which is "to provide high quality products at a competitive price with a fast turn around delivery time". 

As a proudly run family business, delivering grates, covers, frames and lids of the highest quality is our aim every time.


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At Covertite we specialise in providing the right cover for your needs, whether it be circular, rectangular, concrete infill (with brass or stainless steel edging options), or solid top made of cast iron — that meets your specific requirements of strength, durability, ease of use, and safety. Our gatic access covers, circular covers, gatic lids and retention pit covers all meet or exceed Australian standards, so you can select from our range with complete confidence.

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As well as covers of all varieties, Covertite also provides the highest quality grates from classes A to G, constructed of galvanised steel. Whether you need a heel guard, trench grate, a trash grate or a V grate, we will be able to provide you with the size and style you need.

With our continued commitment to quality and a prompt, flat fee delivery service, Covertite is your best choice for accommodating your all cover your and grate requirements.

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Covertite offer products that have been tested to conform to Australian Standards. Our products are suitable for a wide range of services as shown below.




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